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Top Reasons Cats Love to Hang Out in Windows

Is your front window a favorite spot for your kitty to spend her time? Do you wish you know why this is the case? Well, now you can find out just why your cat likes to lie in the windowsill so much. I think all cats like windows. Even outdoors cats will still spend time sitting on a window ledge, watching the world outside. For indoor cats, windows become even more important. Since cats that live exclusively indoors can easily become bored or frustrated, it is important to provide environmental enrichment for them.

Ah, the beauty of a cat staring out the window at the scenery.


Visual Stimulation

Cats need to have some sort of visual stimulation. They are curious and want to see the outside world as much as possible. Even though it can be frustrating for a cat to be stuck on the opposite side of the glass from its prey/play thing, that doesn’t stop kitty from wanting to be there, anyway. It is truly important to see this from their perspective. Especially since cats still have the inherent need to interact with the outdoor environment – just like their wild cousins.


Watching Critters

It is said that the average domestic cat spends between two to five hours a day looking out (or just resting in) the window. This was determined by a survey of 577 cats. Over 16% of these cats were reported to spend over five hours each day at the window. For the most part, they engaged in watching wildlife, birds, or foliage, as well as insects, other cats, and people. With so much going on in the hectic world out there, is it really any wonder that kitties want to be in the know?


Basking in the Sun

Cats also greatly enjoy being able to get as much sunlight as possible. It warms them up and brings them as close to the natural world as they can get, being indoor pets. Many of our feline friends gladly would spend most of a sunny day resting in the window.


Pest Control

Sometimes, cats will stay in the window if they notice a bug that has gotten stuck in between the glass window and the screen. They will try to get at it. After all, they are the defenders of their homes! They will not like the pesky creatures get past and bother us. We really should be grateful that our kitties care so much about us. Or… maybe it really is all about using their predatory skills.

Be sure to do some simple things to make your cat even happier at the window. You can create a perch beside the window for him or her to sit on, as cats do love being up high. Also, if it’s decent out, you may consider leaving the window open for awhile so your cat can have an almost full sensory experience, smelling the flowers and foliage, feeling the breeze, and even getting a tasty little bug treat.

Maybe he’s watching some little critters?

There are several ways you can make windows more interesting for your cat. If you feed the birds in winter, you could position a bird table in sight of the window so the cat can watch birds coming to feed. A bird bath would also encourage birds to come.

In summer, if there is a window close to an outside light, you could put the outside light on at dusk and leave the curtains open for a while. The cat can watch the moths and other insects that are attracted to the light. My cats love this and one of them will even come to find me if I have forgotten to turn the light on for him. He leaps up at the window trying to catch insects on the other side, so it’s a great game for him and gives him some exercise as well.

Another idea is to make sure that cats have a choice of windows, or to let them use a window ledge that is high up, since cats like to be in an elevated position. And if the window can be safely left open, the cat can enjoy the scents that drift in on the breeze.


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