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Understanding How Cat Eyes Became A Fashion Trend

When you think of fashion (male or female) what are some of the first thoughts that come to your mind? Fashion is more than just clothes that we wear on a daily basis to stay warm and cover ourselves appropriately. Fashion is an extension of displaying your personality without having to say a single word to anyone. Fashion designers and enthusiasts from different perspectives gather inspiration in every thing that catches their attention.

Adorable and cute cat eyes

In the world of fashion it is important to always understand three key factors. Overall demeanor, color palette, and uniqueness. Cats are common pets that have found homes and new families in many households. Cat eyes can be seen as mysterious or intriguing depending upon how they are applied to the overall fashion attire.

Today we are going to discuss why cat eyes have become a popular fashion trend in today’s society all around the world.

Adorable and cute demeanor

How often do you ever hear anyone look at a cat or refer to a cat and say “um, that is not the most aesthetically pleasing sight to see” out loud? Very rare right? On average, cats are referred to as adorable and cute pets. There demeanor of being soft, cuddle worth, and less violent than other animals/pets is why they have such a positive review. Fashion junkies enjoy trying to replicate that same demeanor in their every day clothing ensemble.

As the old mantra goes “first impressions are everything” and in the fashion world, this is undeniably true. One of the first elements that individuals usually analyze when seeing someone is their face. A connection through the eyes can happen in a split second and that is what cat eyes do. It is hard to take your eyes off of someone that exudes adorable and cuteness.


Vibrant colors

Cat eyes are known for having very vibrant colors that are captivating to look at. Whether it is a bright blue, yellow, green, or orange, a quick glance in broad daylight is worth admiring for a few seconds. There are some people that naturally have bright and vibrant eye colors. However, there are just some combinations that are not attainable by humans. Keeping this in mind, the idea of replicating the essence of cat eyes has now been perfected.

In addition to slight makeup including eye shadow and eyebrows to insinuate the eyes even more, colored contacts have become a normal for obtaining cat eyes. There are shops that specialize in specific types of eye contacts and colors. Feel free to shop around appropriately and choose the best option at your discretion.

Vibrant color cat eyes



When one speaks of cat eyes, we hear a lot about the previous sections a lot. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is the uniqueness of natural cat eyes that makes them so popular. For example, cats have vertical pupils, which is not a common occurrence. Very few animals such as crocodiles, foxes, and vipers have vertical pupils. Let us be honest though… cats are at the top of this list when it comes to “who wore it best” criteria.



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