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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Here at CatQuestions we love our elder kitties, and we encourage folks to consider adopting older cats. They are, after all, often the ones most looked over and dismissed in shelters, which is unfortunate because there are so many things a senior cat can provide that a kitten just can’t.

Like refined glamor and sophistication. Yes, I’m serious. Her name is Sukki.

Sukki, whom you can find under the name SukkiYakki on Instagram, is a 16-year-old blue point Himalayan, and if you don’t show this elder some respect, she will not shy from batting you in the face. Well, she’ll probably ask someone else to do it for her — Sukki’s exquisite paws are not made for contact with us commoners!

But it was a long journey for Sukki before she finally landed in fabulous West Hollywood. She was born in Massachusetts, where she was adopted alongside two other kitties. They have names, but those names don’t matter because Sukki doesn’t share the spotlight. And just to prove it, the diva suffered an accident while trying to run the other cats out of town — after a daring leap, the princess crash-landed on a designer fur drier. She made her human family spend a bazillion dollars outfitting her broken leg with a four inch metal nail in order to heal.

Glamor isn’t easy, but Sukki has to do it.



Naturally, Sukki outgrew her hometown and heeded the call to Hollywood. She landed a little short (again), ending up in the San Fernando Valley. Better weather, for sure, but not quite what Sukki had in mind, though she bided her time sunbathing on the porch to keep her tan even and chasing birds to maintain her figure.

Then opportunity struck, and Sukki made her way to West Hollywood. She merely tolerates the other cat she shares her home with, but in her ripe old age, Sukki has learned not to show it.


Some say her journey to Hollywood was just a series of coincidence, but one look at Sukki’s elegance reveals that the feline has been practicing for this all her life, and she’s now ready for her close up.

Sukki has become quite accustomed to her casual Southern Californian lifestyle, where she still pushes the style envelope. For instance, between engagements, Sukki shows off her figure with a shorter cut, challenging the notion that a seasoned woman can’t be sexy. Recently, Sukki’s agent suggested she cultivate a Twitter following, but because Sukki is really only good at, well, looking good, she’s turned to Instagram instead ÔǪ where you should follow her.


Images via Sukki’s Instagram

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