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Baby Goats: The New Cats?

Cats and Kids Have Much in Common

A meme going around these days suggests that kids are the new cats. No, we don’t mean your children. We mean goat children. Goats, especially babies, leap and frolic with all the exuberance and curiosity of cats. Hence, the idea that their charm can overcome cats in a competition for your gushy affections.

Yes, little kids, born precocious and ready to explore, certainly can endear themselves to humans in a hurry. But then, what baby mammal can’t?

Don’t make us laugh.

YouTube video of barn cat and 2 baby goats

Baby Goats and Cats Jump, Twist and Butt

Practicing for a future career in climbing things, little goats learn to jump right off the bat. Cats, not as developed at birth, take a few weeks to get that trick down. But once they do, their repertoire of jump, twist and reach moves render goat tricks rather adorably passé.

Can a Goat Do This Fancy Trick Better Than a Cat?

Nature instills in baby goats and cats an instinct to butt things with their heads. However, in goats, this move tends to be a little aggressive and not the act of affectionately establishing a claim on you as it is with cats. Kitties bump you with their heads because they have scent glands in their foreheads and cheeks. To them, it feels good to rub some of their “perfume” on their favorite things. Big goats butt you because they want you to go away.

Cats and Baby Goats Get into Everything

Fresh, new creatures tend to be curious about everything around them. When they encounter novel objects, have your video camera ready because cuteness shall ensue. Baby goats get their heads stuck in buckets and bags just like cats. But cats can react to surprise foibles in many more ways than a goat can. Their smaller size and ability to squeeze into the oddest places can be a laugh riot of entertainment.

Baby Goats, Like Cats, Speak Adorably

Kittens, cats and baby goats all make sweet verbal expressions. But goats have limited vocal ranges for bleating, and they soon grow up. Cats, on the other hand, can vocalize about a dozen different ways. Who isn’t filled with delight when a cat greets you with an inquisitive “meow” and seems to respond to your questions?

We’ve pretty much exhausted the portfolio of endearing goat antics. But we’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to cats. Here’s a partial list of other appealing qualities cats bring to the arena of lovability.

Cats are stretchy and limber.

Peanuts creator Charles Schultz used to run a gag about a boneless cat. The theme was amusing because cats are, indeed, lithe, limber and can stretch for a mile, the opposite of stiff and brittle.

Cat Exhibits His Flexibility and Stretchiness.

Cats are cuddly.

The softness of a cat’s fur is delightful to pet. Because they aren’t inflexible like dogs and goats, they make the perfect lap cuddlers.

Cats Ride on Roombas.

Cats may not enjoy riding in cars, and why would they? They aren’t allowed to drive it. But give them the keys to the Roomba and some snazzy threads? They’ll go downtown and pick up chicks!


Cats are useful.

Have you ever seen a goat take on the mice and bring you their remains as a gift to the pride’s alpha? We didn’t think so.

Cats purr.

Possibly the very best thing about cats is their purring. Goats are adorable, sure, but until they learn to purr, cat’s can’t help but remain at the top of cuteness heap.

The verdict is in. The judges have ruled. Goats, as amusing and wonderful as they may be, have not displaced cats as the most lovable of all domesticated animals. Baby goats can give cats a pretty good run for their money, but that enduring cat style wins out in the end.

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