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Cat Eating Banana Is Sweet and Adorable

There’s little doubt that some cats have strange appetites, to the point where they’re often labeled as way too picky. Some love people food, while others prefer the stuff that’s made specifically for them. Cats have been known to eat full burgers, olives, peanut butter, ketchup and even nacho chips! Some cats have learned that they need to be open to trying new things for their best chance at survival, while others seem to know that food is meant for pleasure. Of course our spotlight cat is into fruit and pleasure — specifically bananas. See why it’s both cute and scientifically strange that cats would enjoy these conveniently packaged fruits.

Unfortunately, you may have to start hiding these away from your cat along with the catnip and your favorite glass collectibles.

Hot and Bothered

What’s it like on a hot day when you’re just hanging out wishing you were just a tad more comfortable? It can get pretty stifling after a while. That’s when bananas come to the rescue. Cold and delicious from the fridge (or freezer), they make you realize that sometimes life is all about the simple moments. And why shouldn’t cats have that same reality? Cats don’t have to think about happiness or the nature of being or the ultimate reason of why things are the way they are. They do have to eat though, and it’s pretty cute when they choose to eat bananas. 

Gnawing for Pleasure

Licking a banana is one matter. An adventurous cat would certainly at least give the yellow fruit a swipe of his tongue before deciding to seek other forms of sustenance. But some cats will go the extra distance and get their molars involved to start working their way into a full banana. Few if any videos will show a cat devouring the whole thing in one sitting, but there’s still some commitment given to the whole project when it comes to getting what they want.

Cats only have 470 taste buds (humans have 9,000), but that doesn’t mean they can’t branch out from what’s in their bowl.

Understanding Cat Taste Buds

Humans have lots and lots of taste buds….about 9,000 or so. But cats have only 470. While it’s hard to tell what a cat tastes and what they don’t, it’s really their sense of smell that’s better than ours. It’s the smell that most likely distinguishes the flavors to kitties large and small. Regardless of how cat’s taste though, it appears that their taste buds aren’t really all that good at registering sweet foods. The cat who loves bananas may be simply hungry for anything.

Really, any food that keeps them away from other forms of dinner can be a blessing though.

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