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The start of baseball season last week did not take cats unaware — they celebrated right alongside their owners, snuggled up on the couch, game after game for hour after hour. Did you know cats love baseball? Here are a couple of reasons why cats love baseball.

  • The seventh-inning stretch
  • The sixth-inning yawn
  • The ninth-inning lounge
  • The fourth-inning nap
  • The sixth-inning doze
  • The third-inning slumber
  • The fourth-inning siesta
  • The ninth-inning coma
  • The second-inning shut-eye
  • The sixth-inning snooze

  • The eleventh-inning sack time
  • The eighth-inning nod off
  • The second-inning Z’s
  • The tenth-inning drowsiness
  • The fourth-inning droop
  • The ninth-inning lull
  • The third-inning loaf
  • The sixth-inning Daddy doze
  • The first-inning drift off

  • The third-inning relaxation
  • The fifth-inning quietude
  • The second-inning idleness
  • The tenth-inning wind down
  • The first-inning yaaaawn
  • The fourth-inning lie down
  • The eighth-inning repositioning
  • The first-inning slacken
  • The sixth-inning unwinding
  • The ninth-inning stillness

  • The tenth-inning respite
  • The fifth-inning Mommy doze
  • The tenth-inning dreaminess
  • The second-inning torpor
  • The fifth-inning languor
  • The third-inning stupor
  • The eighth-inning lethargy
  • The first-inning swoon
  • The seventh-inning blackout
  • The second-inning hebetude
  • The first-inning inertia
  • The eighth-inning leadenness

  • The fourth-inning inactivity
  • The ninth-inning lassitude
  • The tenth-inning languidness
  • The first-inning listlessness
  • The third-inning inertness
  • The fourth-inning stagnation
  • The second-inning leisure time
  • The first-inning hibernation
  • The fifth-inning supinity
  • The seventh-inning restfulness
  • The tenth-inning serenity
  • The sixth-inning sleepiness
  • The tenth-inning weariness

  • The ninth-inning do-nothingness
  • The third-inning stupefaction


  • The sixth-inning dormancy
  • The seventh-inning stasis
  • The eighth-inning narcosis


  • The ninth-inning somnolence

There are approximately 2,430 Major League Baseball games this season. The cats are ready.

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