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Reasons Why Telling Your Cat No Rarely Works

Being a parent to a cat (or multiple cats) can be the most fun and simultaneously frustrating part of your life. In one instance a kitten can be cuddly, cute, and adorable to the point of making your bad day at work seem not so bad. In other instances (which are probably going to be rare) you may wonder Not many individuals can stay mad at an adorable cat for too long.

The casual cat enjoying time at home.

In your home you may have setup specific rules and areas where your cat can do certain things. Unlike a dog or a puppy, it may not seem as easy to communicate and get your point (or commands) across to a cat. Telling a cat to do certain things can seem like talking to a brick wall. Does telling cats “no don’t do that” or “no don’t go over there” ever work? The obvious answer to this question is no!

Today we are going to share with you what we believe cats are thinking when it comes to telling them no. We hope that you find some humor in this and possibly an understanding as to why your cat seems to not listen to your commands when you say the word “no” to them.

Their innocent look is pretty convincing

Cats understand that they are pretty cute and adorable creatures. No matter if they are small enough to fit in your hands or big enough to not pick up casually, cats use their looks to their advantage. There is something comforting and aesthetically comforting that is hard to explain. Imagine telling a young 1-year old baby “no stop doing that, that is a bad thing to do.”

While you know they should understand what you are saying, in reality, they do not comprehend nor articulate what you are actually saying. As much as you may want to get mad at your cat for not obeying your every command, reserve your anger in the moment. Technically, they have no idea what you are saying.

They know they can get away with certain actions

Cats and other pets are treated completely different when it comes to disciplinary actions. For example, dog owners will discipline their dogs with a moderate slap with a rolled up newspaper or hand. This is in no way shape or form condoning or advocating animal abuse by excessive force. Parents of cats have to be a little bit more gentle than dog parents. A small mist of water is the safe and appropriate way to discipline a cat when they are doing something wrong.

So in short, cats know that even when they jump on top of your table, knock something over, and break it, they are going to get a slap on the wrist at most.

Being in a place where it shouldn’t be.

Who can really stay mad at a cat for too long?

Let’s be honest for the ending here… who can really stay mad at a cat for longer than a few minutes? Unless a cat is being consistently disobedient in the worse ways possible, it is fairly easy to discipline them accordingly, clean up any mess made, and go back to your day. Cats are some of the most lovable pets to have as a part of your family. Just like your actual human family, you can get mad at them in the moment, but it takes a lot to stay mad at them for a long period of time.

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