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Farewell to the world’s oldest cat

Corduroy the cat in happier days

Corduroy the cat, the official oldest cat in the world (according to Guinness, who awarded him the title after Scooter, his 30-year-old predecessor, died in April 2016) has passed away. The twenty-seven-year-old feline is presumed dead after running away from his house in Sisters, Oregon, on October 9, 2016. He was missing for seven weeks when his owners, Ashley Reed Okura and Aaron Masusru Okura, local restaurant owners, announced his probable death 7 weeks later to an adoring crowd of 18,600 followers on Instagram.

According to Guinness

Guinness World Records started publishing a yearly list of world and national records in 1955, focusing on the achievements and extremes of both humans and other animals. The 2017 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records listed Corduroy the cat as Scooter the cat’s successor.

The Life of Corduroy the Cat

Corduroy, a half Maine Coon Cat, was born on August 1, 1989 in Oregon. His first home was a shelter, where he was seen and chosen by then 7-year-old Ashley. Corduroy had a great life. He spent a lot of time outdoors roaming around his yard and catching critters at will. His owners did not have him declawed, and he spent a lot of time hunting and exercising his body. Corduroy had a mellow, affectionate personality. He loved to be cuddled and petted, groom himself, and take long sunlit catnaps. He adored playing with a pheasant feather and a favorite catnip-filled mouse.

More about Corduroy

Corduroy was fed a low-protein special diet that was useful in protecting his kidneys, He enjoyed attention, and received a lot of it from his family and friends. He was known to be patient with younger visitors, and was pretty much beloved by all who knew him. Corduroy first got the official title of world’s oldest cat in 2014, but was later stripped of that title in March 2016, when the 30-year-old Siamese cat Scooter was discovered in Texas. Scooter, unfortunately, died before Guinness named him the world’s oldest cat on April 8, 2016, and the title reverted back to Corduroy once again in May 2016.


Corduroy was a Maine coon cat who lived to be 26 years old

A cat life well led

Corduroy, who would eventually attain the ripe old age of 128 in cat years, was very playful and refused to act his real age. Until his disappearance, he would jump up onto counters and chase small creatures, although his owner thankfully reported that he wasn’t as good at catching critters than he once was. Until the end, Corduroy would run up a flight of stairs and jump into bed with his owners, and sleep soundly until waking up his family each morning at around 5 a.m.


Corduroy and his family, the Okuras

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Although none of his family was present to see him go, Corduroy the Cat most certainly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge sometime in late 2016. He would be so happy to see that lush grassy meadow waiting at the other side of the bridge. As he stepped into the sunlight, all of his friends and sisters and brothers certainly came running to welcome him, rejoicing that they were all free to play together, in perfect health, until the end of time.

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