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Is your cat agitated? Acting out? Is she so sick of winter she’s ready to snap, like a giant rubber band stretched across five months of freezing weather? Your cat might have spring fever. Symptoms include manic energy, a desire to use claws, and a complete inability to suffer fools. Do cats get spring fever? Cats get spring fever.

Here are some signs your cat has spring fever:

  • Jumping from the floor to the top of refrigerator.
  • Jumping from the floor to the top of your head.
  • Scream-meowing.
  • Shriek-meowing.
  • Running around chasing a laser light but there is no laser light. (You don’t even own a laser light.)
  • Wail-meowing.
  • Bray-meowing.
  • Getting out of the house by tunneling under the door.
  • Getting out of the house by running through the wall.
  • Whoop-meowing.
  • Screech-meowing.

  • Bringing home “gifts” to leave on the doorstep, like the neighbor’s Beagle.
  • Chasing tail, catching tail, and biting tail — which is really pissing off the family dog, who owns tail.
  • Sob-meowing.
  • Roar-meowing.
  • Doing parkour — terrible parkour — across the breakfast table set for Sunday brunch.
  • Sleeping only 20 hours a day instead of 21 — no reason to get crazy here.
  • Nuzzling your throat and then quietly but firmly demanding chicken in a way that is frankly terrifying.
  • Sob-meowing (more).
  • Roar-meowing (more).
  • Using claws to stick to the ceiling.
  • Using claws to stick to your scalp.
  • Howl-meowing.
  • Yawp-meowing.
  • Staring at the wall so intently it starts to smoke.
  • Staring at a bird so intently it falls over.
  • Staring at the mailman so intently he leaves the mail on the curb, along with a fish.

  • Whispering “the horror, the horror” to a mouse in the back of the closet.
  • Blowing out the pilot light and turning on the gas so the house will fill up with gas and you’ll have to open all the windows and doors pronto. (Your cat is hardcore, by the way.)
  • Leaving out brochures for Hawaii. (Your cat is super cute, by the way.)
  • Starting an organic compost bin behind your dresser.
  • Ordering an above-ground pool on Amazon.
  • Meowing quietly while looking out the window — aww.

Is your cat cooped up? Is she ready for spring? Let us know in the comments!

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