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My Cat is Peeing Everywhere. Help!

If you have a cat who is peeing everywhere, you may be at your wit’s ends. Cat pee stinks and it is difficult, if not impossible, to remove from certain items. It can also be frustrating to constantly have to clean the carpet or launder blankets. If your cat is peeing everywhere, you may find yourself with many questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have about a cat who is urinating everywhere.

Fat cats are more likely to urinate out of their box due to their weight.

Why is a Cat Peeing Everywhere?

There are two primary reasons why a cat is peeing everywhere. There are either underlying medical issues or there are behavioral issues. Either way, in order to solve the issue, you need to get to the root of the problem.

If your cat is peeing everywhere, the first thing you should do is take him or her to the vet. If your cat is not spayed or neutered, you will want to start there. An unspayed or neutered cat is more likely to mark their territory. Once that is done, you want to rule out medical issues. A cat may be peeing everywhere because they have a urinary tract infection, crystals in their urine, a bladder infection, bladder leakage due to old age, diabetes or because they are overweight. A vet may obtain a urine sample and a blood sample to determine what is going on.

If there is no medical reason for your cat peeing everywhere, it is a behavioral issue.

What Medical Interventions Can Be Done To Help My Cat From Peeing Everywhere?

There are various treatments for your cat, depending on what their medical diagnosis is. If they are overweight or have diabetes, changing their diet may reduce the frequency in which they urinate and the time table in which they have to make it to the box. If there are crystals in the urine, removing those and changing your cat’s diet may help. Antibiotics are used for urinary tract infections. And there are medications to help with overactive bladder problems in cats who may be older or who have leakage.

What Behavioral Changes Can Be Done To Help My Cat From Peeing Everywhere?

If your cat is peeing for behavioral reasons, you have a tough battle on your hand. Most experts recommend obtaining a new litter box for just your cat. They then recommend locking your cat in the room with the litter box with fresh water and food until they routinely use the box. However, some cats may still pee all over the house if your brought home a dog or cat they don’t like, may pee on your new lover’s shoes, or may pee on a new baby’s clothing. Changes can upset a cat. Slowly introducing them to change is the best way to prevent these issues so you don’t have to deal with behavioral peeing.

A cat peeing everywhere can be frustrating. However, taking your cat to the vet is the best thing you can do. It helps you determine and treat medical causes. And if there are not medical reasons, a vet can help you come up with a course of action for dealing with the behavioral issues a cat may be acting upon.


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