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Helping Your Older Cat Welcome the New Kitten

Cats are an interesting combination of solitary and social. When they love, they love intensely. But when they’re used to be the only child for a long time, it can be tricky to introduce new animals to the mix.

With some planning, though, it’s absolutely possible. Just keep in mind that every cat has a unique personality. There are some useful pieces of advice to follow, but you know your cat better than anyone else. Watch what she needs and make adjustments to keep her happy.

Can I keep it?


First Things First

The Right Kitten For the Cat

Gender can sometimes make a difference in how likely cats are to get along. If your older cat is a female, consider a male kitten. Opposite sexes tend to get along more easily. If you’re going to keep them the same, most people find that female cats are better pairs than males. This is true even if all animals are fixed.


Most cats will react poorly to a new animal simply arriving in the house. Try to make this transition as smooth as possible. Put the cats in separate rooms for a little while. Allow them to notice each other’s scents and even occasionally play with each other under the door. This will make the shock of a new kitten significantly easier to take when the two pets meet face to face.


Let’s be honest. Bathroom time is important private time. Cats feel the same way! Make sure there is a separate litter area for both cats. This will help minimize the nervousness your older baby might feel at the presence of a newcomer.


Be Patient

Show Love to Both

Your older cat may worry that you are replacing her with a newer model. Though it’s important to give the kitten lots of love and affection, always remember to make time for your grown up cat. In fact, for a little while, it may be important to give your older cat extra attention so there’s no misunderstanding.

Babies Just Don’t Understand

Speaking of misunderstandings, kittens are young and inexperienced, and they often don’t realize when they’re being annoying. They want to play, and they think the world revolves around them. Be aware of this. If it looks like the kitten is bothering your older cat, make sure to intervene. There’s a limit to what even the nicest cats will put up with!

If I grab his tail, maybe we’ll be best friends!

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