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What Pet Fire Safety Day Can Teach You About Your Cat

Anyone who owns a cat, or two or seven, knows how much of a joy they are- after all, what is there not to love about the friendly feline!? There are many things that a good pet owner must do to ensure the health and safety and happiness of their feline companions; unfortunately, one of the most important is often overlooked and even completely forgotten by may pet owners. This is the issue of fire safety when it comes to the pets in your home!  This is why we are here to bring your attention to this very important pet-are consideration, one that should be remembered not just on Pet Fire Safety Day but every single day. Here are some of the common questions cat owners have when it comes to reducing fire risks and improving safety with their furry friend.

Cute cats are curious cats so always be on guard!

Cats and Candles

Should I use candles if I have cats?  Candles are a popular piece of home decor and offer a unique lighting source as well as the many colors and fragrances that help set the mood within your home. However, open flames are often not the best idea for a home that has cats.  By instinct, cats are very curious and love exploring things; they are also known for their seeming obsession with knocking things over. It is easy to see why this is not a good setting for candles to be used. If you want the look and feel of candles without the safety risk consider using battery operated candles instead!

 Fire Emergency

My cat likes to hid under the bed when she is scared, how do I get her to come out if I need to grab her quickly in the event of a fire? Cats have a built in fight or flight instinct, and usually they will try to hide rather than fight. This can be dangerous in the event of a fire in the home as the various hiding spots most cats choose make it next to impossible to get to them quickly in the event of a fire. One way to prepare for the event that hopefully will never occur is to try and click train your cat.  it is done with dogs and can be done with cats at times. Train your feline companion to come to you when you click a  pet training clicker. this way in the event of a fire you can use the clicker and hopefully call your frightened kitty to you easier.

Fireplace Concerns

Our family cat is older and likes to lay in front of the fireplace during the winter- how can we keep him from getting too close and singing his fur? The easiest way to keep any pet safe around a fireplace is to install a screen or fencing of come kind that goes across the opening of the fireplace. This way you can still get the benefit of heat and the beautiful ambiance of the flames but you can keep your pets a safe distance away so they will not get hurt or set themselves on fire while they are lounging around.

Cats love to play and explore so make sure they have a safe place to call home!

Pet safety is a daily consideration all good pet owners must keep in mind, and this is especially true when it comes to fire safety around the home!

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