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Finding black specks is not a common issue unless you are often allowing your kitty outdoors, they are surrounded by other pests, or they have various allergies you may be unaware of. If you notice your cat has black specks on its body, is facing cat skin issues, or skin irritation problems, there are a few way to help get your cat the help required to truly and fully alleviate your kitty’s annoyance, who is considered a family member.

What Are Common Signs of Cat Fleas?

When a cat has traditional fleas (whether from being outdoors in the summer) or simply coming in contact with another cat. Many cats begin scratching various areas around their bodies, ranging from their sides and lower back to both ears. These are the areas cats are most irritated with once they have fleas.

Does My Cat Have Skin Irritation Problems or Fleas?

If you believe your cat has fleas, spend time with them to play with them while petting them, taking a look in between all of their hair to see the scalp-like layer. If you find only black clumps or irritate skin “scabs” only without actual fleas scurrying around, your can may have skin irritation. One of the best ways to determine what to treat your cat for is watching their routines and if there are behavioral issues, meaning fleas are not only infesting your cat but your entire home. In any case, it is highly advisable to get an appointment with your cat’s diagnosis and have a better understanding them when they are ill or simply have a skin or another form of irritation on their skin (such as new detergent for owners who take pleasure in making their kitties or humanlike as possible.)

Itchy kitties may not give off an alarming look until you begin seeing consistent scratching and itching that is seemingly incessant.

What are the Best Treatments for Skin Irritation and Cat Fleas for My Kitty?

Curing and alleviating skin irritation in cats can be possible by making a veterinarian appoint and getting prescribed medication for your kitty to help alleviate the issue of scratching while allowing various areas of your cat’s body covered in black specks is healed. If your veterinarian does not see live eggs or fleas on your cat, you are likely to be offered over-the-counter flea medications or an option that is strictly used by your veterinarian. Additionally, it is possible to purchase over-the-counter and online skin irritation products with in-depth details, reviews, and shipping information prior to confirming an order, ensuring you cat is getting everything they need in the times they need it most!

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