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Cats are killers but not always. Here’s why your cat may become friends with a duck.

Cats are the cute little furry creatures that we love to curl up next to because of their warm and tender disposition. We often forget that our cats are predators as well as pals. There are animals that cats will rip to shreds and animals that overwhelm cats with love and affection. A mouse is an example of something that a cat would tear apart at all times. A duck, however, is an animal that a cat may treat gently and even show affection towards. Here’s why:

Duck and cat stand together in harmony

It May not an Appealing Appetizer

One reason that a cat may spare a duck’s life is that it isn’t hungry. Many variables come into play when you put cats in the same area with other animals. They do have a killer instinct, but they are much less likely to hunt if they are fully fed. A pudgy house cat would be much less likely to attack a duck than a starving stray would be. The size of the duck and the environment may make a difference in whether the cat attacks, as well. A cat would be more likely to attack a duckling while he has a pack of friends with him than he would be to attack a huge duck while he’s by himself. Peer pressure sometimes changes a cat’s actions.

They Resemble Newborn Kittens

No, ducks don’t resemble newborn kittens, but a mommy cat may still get a soft spot for a duckling. There have been many instances where mama cats have held ducklings in their bosom because of her motherly instinct. Don’t be surprised if you find your cat snuggling up to a little yellow furry friend. Take some pictures of the event instead.

They Dig the Lingo

You may find your cat hanging out with a duck so that it can learn to mimic the ducks’ sounds. Cats chirp and make sounds of other animals quite frequently so that they can trick the animals into their domain.

Kitty with duck

They Have a Dream

Finally, maybe your cat has a dream that all the ducks and all the cats can play together in perfect harmony for the rest of their lives. Some cats have peaceful personalities with only a few wacky moments. Your cat is likely to chill with a duck if you are a calm owner and you keep him indoors most of the time.

No matter what reason your cat has for hanging out with a cat, duck should get a snapshot of it. Cats are super adorable no matter what they’re holding, but its awesome when its a smaller animal. You are likely to get nominated for the cutey hall of fame if you turn in those pics.

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