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Cat Sneezes: Not So Different From Humans

When it comes to our cat babies, we sometimes tend to panic at the sound of any distress or discomfort. After all, it’s our job to give them the perfect lives, and it’s not always easy to tell what warrants a trip to the vet. One common question has to do with sneezing. What does it mean when my cat sneezes?

Actually, there are many possible causes. Some will require treatment, but many will not. In fact, this is one way cats are a lot like humans.

Let’s break down the specifics.

I know my allergies are gonna act up, but these flowers are just so beautiful… and delicious.



Just like humans, cats get infections that cause them to sneeze. Yep. They can even catch colds. Usually you can tell there’s a problem because the sneeze is persistent. It’s also often accompanied by a cough and/or watery eyes. Your cat may act unhappy, just as you would if you were sick. In this situation, it’s best to check with your vet for medication that can relieve a respiratory infection.

Dental Disease

Oddly enough, dental infections can create respiratory irritations that cause sneezing. This is another issue that can happen to people, too. Dental infections tend to cause inflammations that irritate the sinuses and lead to further infections. If your cat sneezes a lot or is running a fever, you might want to ask your vet to check her mouth.

Maybe I’m allergic to you, lady.

Allergies and Objects

The Seasonal Sneeze

Most cats are lucky enough to avoid this problem. However, every now and then an unlucky cat is born who suffers seasonal allergies just like her human family. You’ll notice a pattern if this is your cat’s condition, and your vet should have some suggestions about how to relieve the annoying symptoms.

Something’s In There

For those of us with more curious, rascally cats, we know they like to put their faces in the most ridiculous places. Inevitably, some grass, dirt, or catnip is bound to get stuck in the nose. A few simple sneezes should get it out, and your cat will be back to stuffing her face in the garbage before too long.

Look. It smells amazing.

Other Irritants

Stinky Chemicals

Your cat may hate it when you clean the house. She’s not a slob; it’s just that chemicals in the cleaning products may irritate her sinuses and make her sneeze. Hmm… Is this the perfect excuse to skip the mopping today?

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