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Lady Turns Home into Huge Cat Sanctuary

Do you love cats enough to turn your home into the largest cat sanctuary in the United States? The answer for most of us is no. However, that’s exactly what Lynea Lattanzio did when she found out what a cat’s life (and many times death) is like at most shelters.

The Cat House on The Kings

Lynea owned a 4,000 square foot home in California. After getting a zoning variance in 1997, she turned her home into a shelter, sanctuary, and adoption center for cats. It became a nonprofit organization in 2002, and it has saved the lives of over 24,000 felines.

An Incredible Sacrifice

Eventually, Lynea ran out of room for her and her cats in her home. When she began sharing her bedroom with more than sixty cats, she knew that something had to change. Most people would have simply reduced the number of cats in the home, but Lynea is not most people. She ended up moving into a trailer that she had placed on her property as a rental, turning her home over completely to the cats. She went from a home of over 4,000 feet with a wet bar and a swimming pool to a 1600 square foot mobile home.

In a world where animals are abandoned, left in cages, and euthanized because no one wants to take care of them, Lynea’s sacrifice is truly incredible. She gave up more than just her home. She had to support all of the cats out of her own pocket until the home became a non-profit in 2002. She ended up spending her retirement fund and selling her belongings to be able to support her beloved cats. She also became a veterinary technician to help keep the medical costs of caring for the cats down.

A True Sanctuary

Lynea’s property has the large home as well as 12 acres of land, and the cats are free to roam as they please. Lynea says that giving cats the freedom to bask in the sun or climb a tree gives them a reason to live.  The entire area is fenced with cat-proof fencing. The house also has an ICU, senior quarantine, and kitten quarantine area so any ill kitties get the care they need.

It Takes a Village and $1.6 Million Dollars

With over 1,000 cats in the home at one time, Lynea has a full-time staff and volunteers to help her take care of the friendly felines. Lynea says that considering food, medical, and other expenses, it costs over $1.6 million dollars each year to care for the cats.

Lynea says her ultimate goal is to find homes for the cats. She has a website where she places information about all of the cats that are healthy and friendly enough to be adoptable. You can also make donations ranging from money to old vehicles, and find out how to volunteer your time.

Lynea’s story is sure to be inspirational to anyone who reads it. She is making the world a better place the best way she knows how, one cat at a time.


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